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Best Natural Supplements to Relieve Constipation: Top Picks for Digestive Health

Constipation can be uncomfortable and frustrating, but nature often provides some of the best remedies. While dietary changes, like increasing fiber intake and drinking more water, play a vital role, natural supplements offer additional support to ease bowel movements. These supplements come in various forms, such as fibers, oils, and herbal blends, each with unique properties that assist in digestive health.

Choosing the correct natural supplement is crucial for managing constipation effectively. You’ll want to consider factors such as dietary restrictions, the severity of constipation, and the form of supplement you prefer, whether that’s capsules, powders, or teas. Some supplements also include prebiotics and probiotics to support gut health, which might be beneficial for long-term digestive wellness.

The critical things to note when selecting a natural constipation supplement are its ingredient quality and the brand’s credibility. Choosing supplements that are transparent about their ingredients and free from unnecessary additives is essential. Your ideal choice should aid in relieving constipation without causing any adverse effects. With this in mind, let’s explore some of the best natural supplements to help you navigate this uncomfortable ailment more comfortably.

Top Natural Supplements for Constipation Relief

If you’re experiencing occasional constipation, you’re certainly not alone. Many people find natural supplements a gentle and effective way to support digestive health and ease discomfort. With so many options on the market, it might seem overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs. That’s why we’ve researched and compiled a list of top-rated natural supplements that can help get things moving. Whether you prefer fiber-rich formulas, herbal blends, or probiotics, this roundup includes various options to suit your preferences and help you feel your best.

Nature’s Sunshine LBS II

Nature's Sunshine Lower Bowel Stimulator

If you’re seeking a gentle yet effective way to address constipation, this herbal blend could be your natural solution.


  • Blends nine natural ingredients for a non-aggressive formula
  • Designed for easy integration into your daily routine
  • Capsules are easy to swallow, aiding in a convenient bedtime regimen


  • May vary in effectiveness depending on the individual
  • Potential for reliance on laxatives if used regularly
  • Natural ingredients may interact with other medications or health conditions

Nature’s Sunshine has crafted a compelling product with LBS II, designed to alleviate constipation through natural means. It’s a welcome alternative for those who prefer herbal remedies over synthetic options. Formulated with a combination of nine different natural ingredients, it offers a less aggressive approach compared to some harsher over-the-counter laxatives.

Finding the right balance for digestive health can be challenging, but LBS II strikes a fine line between gentle and effective. The fact that these capsules can be taken with or without food as part of your nighttime routine makes it a convenient addition to your wellness plan. Regularity is paramount for overall health, and this product champions that cause.

Every individual is unique, which means that response to supplementation will vary. Keep in mind that adopting any new supplement should be done with consideration of your personal health circumstances. Consulting with a healthcare professional is wise before introducing a new regime, especially when it involves digestive processes. However, if a natural option is what you’re after, Nature’s Sunshine LBS II might just be the answer you’ve been searching for to ease your constipation concerns.

MAJOR Senna Laxative

MAJOR Senna Laxative Tablets

If you’re seeking an economical and effective way to ease constipation, MAJOR Senna Laxative might be your go-to solution.


  • Favorably priced compared to brand names
  • Small tablet size, easy to swallow
  • Recognized as a gentle option, reducing the likelihood of cramps


  • Some users may require a different dosage for effectiveness
  • Occasional reports of variability in performance
  • As a natural remedy, it might not work for everyone

Constipation can be an uncomfortable and frustrating condition, but finding the right supplement can quite literally ease the burden. The MAJOR Senna Laxative tablets come in a substantial count, offering value for money and ensuring you won’t run out quickly. They’re known to be a natural option, steering clear of harsh chemicals, which can be a significant boon if you’re aiming for a gentler approach to your digestive health.

When considering a laxative, it’s essential to balance effectiveness with gentleness. This product hits that mark for many, offering a natural alternative that aligns with a bedtime routine, due to the recommendation to take it before sleep. That way, it can work through the night, ideally leading to a more comfortable morning.

However, individuals react differently to supplements, and some may not find the desired relief with MAJOR Senna Laxative. It’s a matter of trial and error, and consulting a healthcare provider is always a smart move when adding a new supplement to your regimen. Yet, with a high overall rating, a vast majority have found these tablets to be precisely what they need, making them a noteworthy contender in the battle against constipation.

Swiss Kriss Herbal Tablets

Swiss Kriss Herbal Laxative

If you’re seeking a natural solution for occasional constipation relief, Swiss Kriss Herbal Laxative Tablets could be the gentle aid you need.


  • Combines natural ingredients like senna and calendula for a gentle effect
  • Fast-acting formula to alleviate constipation within 6-12 hours
  • Suitable for both adults and children over the age of six


  • The taste may not appeal to everyone
  • Price may be higher compared to other laxatives
  • Dependence on laxatives can result if used continuously

Swiss Kriss Herbal Laxative Tablets are tailored to help you manage constipation with a formula that’s been carefully crafted from sun-dried herbs, leaves, and flowers. The natural ingredients work in harmony to provide relief, ensuring you feel more comfortable without the harshness of some over-the-counter solutions.

The versatility of these tablets allows them to fit seamlessly into your evening routine, preparing you for a more relaxed morning. Remember to follow the recommended dose on the label — your digestion could be back on track without much fuss.

While considering your choices, it’s important to think about long-term gut health. These tablets are a short-term fix for irregularities but incorporating high-fiber foods into your diet and staying hydrated are fundamental steps toward overall wellness. Laxatives, even natural ones, should not be a permanent solution.

Global Healing Oxy-Powder

Global Healing Oxy-Powder

If you’re on the hunt for a gentle and effective way to address constipation, this supplement could be your answer.


  • Works overnight, allowing for easy incorporation into your routine
  • Designed to be non-irritating for comfortable detox
  • Utilizes oxygenation for a gentle yet thorough cleanse


  • May be pricier compared to other options
  • Can require a day off due to the cleansing process
  • The high efficacy might be intense for first-time users

Finding relief from constipation can often feel like a never-ending battle with discomfort and bloating. Global Healing Oxy-Powder offers a natural approach utilizing oxygenated magnesium and citric acid, which are recognized for their safety and effectiveness. The promise of a gentle, overnight cleanse is ideal for maintaining daily activities without interruption.

The idea of a detox that doesn’t disrupt the gut’s natural flora is reassuring, as maintaining balanced gut health is crucial. With a high user rating, this product seems to resonate well with those seeking digestive comfort. It’s worth noting, however, the importance of following directions carefully to ensure a positive experience.

In conclusion, while the cost might be a consideration, the benefits of a safe, effective cleanse may justify the investment in your well-being. In a world crowded with over-ambitious health claims, a natural supplement with a clear function and high ratings like Global Healing Oxy-Powder is worth a closer look for anyone struggling with digestive sluggishness.

Natural Vitality Calm

Natural Vitality Calm Drink Mix

If you’re seeking a pleasant-tasting supplement that promotes relaxation and bowel regularity, Natural Vitality Calm might be your go-to choice.


  • May support stress reduction and a sense of calm
  • Vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO ingredients for the health-conscious
  • Raspberry lemon flavor could make daily consumption enjoyable


  • Taste may not appeal to everyone
  • Some may experience a laxative effect
  • The fizziness isn’t preferred by all consumers

Natural Vitality Calm offers you a vegan and gluten-free option to address stress and digestive regularity with its raspberry lemon-flavored drink mix. The drink mix, designed to create a sense of calm, provides a generous amount of magnesium, which is known to support over 300 cellular processes, including muscle and nerve function. As an easily dissolvable powder, it can be added to water and enjoyed at any time.

Consistency is key when introducing dietary supplements into your routine. Gradually increasing your dose of Natural Vitality Calm allows your body to adjust to the magnesium intake, potentially leading to improved relaxation and sleep. Additionally, the product has received high praise for its ability to ease constipation and promote regular bowel movements, which can be a major relief if you’re struggling in that area.

However, be mindful of the serving size, as magnesium can act as a natural laxative when taken in large amounts. While this effect may benefit some, others might find it less desirable. Starting with a small dose can help you gauge your response. With its ease of use, incorporation into your daily routine could be a simple step toward enhancing your overall well-being and addressing constipation issues.

Buying Guide

When selecting a natural supplement for constipation relief, there are several factors you should consider to ensure you’re getting a quality product that meets your needs.

Key Ingredients

Check the label for the following active ingredients known for their laxative properties:

  • Fiber: Psyllium, inulin, and methylcellulose are common.
  • Herbal Laxatives: Senna and cascara are potent herbs often used.
  • Stool Softeners: Look for ingredients like docusate.
  • Prebiotics and Probiotics: These support gut health and can improve bowel consistency.


Natural supplements come in various forms:

  • Capsules/Tablets: Easy to take but check the dosage.
  • Powders: Flexible dosing, mixed with liquids.
  • Teas: Soothing option but can vary in strength.

Purity and Allergens

  • Organic Certification: Indicates no harmful pesticides or chemicals.
  • Allergen-Free: Important if you have food sensitivities; common allergens include gluten, nuts, and dairy.


  • Follow the recommended dose on the package to start slowly and adjust as needed.
  • Some supplements may require gradual dosing to prevent discomfort.

Quality Certifications

  • GMP Certified: Ensures good manufacturing practices.
  • Third-Party Tested: Adds an extra layer of quality assurance.

User Reviews

  • Effectiveness: Look for reviews mentioning gentle relief.
  • Ease of Use: Consider whether the form of the supplement fits your lifestyle.
  • Side effects: It’s important to know if users report any adverse effects.

Remember, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional before adding any new supplements to your regimen, especially if you have pre-existing health conditions or are on other medications.

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